War is our business. Command a unit of well-trained mercenaries.

The former Soviet Republic of Subecistan – rich in mineral resources. A small corrupt elite rules Subecistan dictatorially since its independence of the USSR. The civil war, which has been going on for five years now, and the different power interests of governments and corporations have thrown the country into anarchy and chaos.

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You serve as commander in a security company, hired by a large energy group, that has been assigned to seize control of Rosyopol, Subecistans capital. Whoever controls Rosyopol also controls Subecistan and with this the mineral resources in the country.

• Command a unit of well-trained mercenaries and succeed in tactical battles.
• Use the skills of different arms to ensure yourself a tactical benefit.
• Fight against players all over the world and loot resources.
• Join forces in an alliance with other players and liberate in coop-mode the besieged island „ Novaya Rosyopol“.
• Instruct your mercenaries in the training center and become a powerful and redoubtable commander.
• Find your own tactic for offense and defense to defeat other players.
• Play the campaign with your mercenaries and liberate Subecistan to earn awards and higher ranks.
• Extend your outpost to an impregnable fortress.